Smart Robotics

For over 20 years, our team has created and validated innovative solutions allowing the clinician to easily localize and reach the treatment target while maintaining the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Conforming to the highest device safety standards, the iSYS 1 uses parallel kinematics for micro-positioning. These kinematics are making the iSYS 1 system „intrinsically“ safe and enable remote control from safe distance.

The iSYS 1 system incorporates automatic self-check verification, force torque limitation, redundant encoders and several other robot safety features.


Our team has extensive background in the innovation of medical systems with a specific background in the development of patient positioning systems. At his former company Medical Intelligence, Dr. Michael Vogele invented several patient immobilization and positioning systems for Radiation Therapy and Neurosurgery, together with his team he successfully developed and sold these products both directly and via distribution partners.

Based on this broad knowledge and experience, Interventional Systems has developed a simple and revolutionary patient stabilization technology called iFIX.  

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