Video - Fluoro

The following video demonstrates the efficiency of the iONE personal robotic assistant system.

Solutions in precision Medicine Enabled By robotic Assistance

Smart. Intuitive. Multimodal. The iONE is a personal remotely controllable interventional device guidance system for image-guided interventions. The system consists of a robotic micro-positioning instrument aiming system and a unit for set-up on different imaging and treatment tables.

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Technical Features Robot

The design and kinematics of the interventional platform results in the following specifications:

Workspace of a module: +/- 20 mm
Resolution: n = 0,030 mm
Translational workspace (x, y): 40 mm x 40 mm
Rotational workspace (A, B): +/- 30 °
Dimensions: 168mm x 121 mm x 74mm
Weight: 1530 g

Note: The movement of the needle along the z-axis (=needle placement) is operated and controlled by the physician. The unit thereby acts as a guideway for maximum accuracy during the diagnosis/treatment process.

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