iSYS 1 for fluoroscopically guided interventions

On Target from a Safe Distance

The iONE robot acts as a micromanipulator. The actual tool position is shown via real-time fluoroscopy.
With the handheld control unit the user can (micro)-manipulate the robot from a safe distance without being exposed to X-rays.

iSYS1 Navi+

iSYS 1 Navi+ for CT-guided interventions

Exceptionally Accurate and Intuitive

The robot acts as a (frame based) stereotactic targeting device. Robot registration, planning of the needle path, and verification of the tool position can be done anytime before/during/after treatment with our unique RoboNav-Software. An ideal complement to the CT scanner, it optimizes the state-of-the-art in CT-guided procedures. 


iFIX is a novel patient stabilization technology

Shaping the Future of Patient Stabilization

iFIX is a patient stabilization system comprised of both reusable and disposable components. The disposable iFIX Fleece is attached to a reusable anchor.

The comfortable stretchy fleece contours to the patient’s anatomy like a second skin and secures the patient in the desired position.

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