iFIX Spider Fleece / New Product Launch

06 May 2019

iFIX Spider Fleece / New Product Launch

New Product Launch of iFIX Spider Fleece. Pre Orders now. First Shipment in October 2019.

The iFIX Spider Fleeces have identical advantages than the regular fleece products and are particularly designed to quickly fix the entire arm, leg or torso/abdomen with the most flexible configuration. It is ideally suited for interventions and surgery where the combination of fast fixation, hygienic, one time use and flexibility matters. Following sizes are available:

iFIX Spider Fleece Arm M - product REF 40286

iFIX Spider Fleece Leg M - product REF 40287

iFIX Spider Fleece Body, different sizes available
Size S - product REF 40288
Size M - product REF 40289
Size L - product REF 40290
Size XL - product REF 40291

To place your order please contact us


           phone      +49 8232 9941936

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