It's me, Micromate. Launch plan of our smart robotic platform.

28 Nov 2019

It's me, Micromate. Launch plan of our smart robotic platform.

Our smart robotic platform Micromate for fluoro guided interventional radiology procedures is now ready for its launch.

It's me, Micromate! This news are all about the upcoming launch of the second generation of our smart micro-robotic platform, your personal robotic assistant.

First, we are inviting you to watch a short introduction of Micromate, please click here

During our trade fair appearance at RSNA in Chicago from 01 - 06 December 2019 our visitors may get a first impression of the new generation of our micro-robot at booth #3752 in the South Hall of the McCormick Congress Center. The intuitive workflow integration is besides it's high quality and robustness the main advantages of the robot. Its small size compared to other bulky robotic solutions makes it usable inside the gantry, portable and easy to set up. In addition, the multimodal image integration with Fluro, CBCT, CT and with extension features with Ultrasound provides a broad application spectrum.

At the upcomingCirse Workshop Reliability in Percutaneous Tumour Ablation from 12 - 13 December 2019 Prof. Dr. Reto Bale, Assoc. Prof. of Radiology at Medical University Innsbruck will provide an overview of the currently available devices and techniques in the field of percutaneous tumor ablation to all participants. Clinical partners of Interventional Systems will demonstrate there the most interesting and viable cases with the robot in the field of gantry mounted CT interventions and our fluoroscopy robotics setup in hands on sessions. Get emerged into the future of interventional radiology and workflow integrated assistance there. 

Micromate will be fully available at ECR2020 in Vienna from 11 - 15 March 2020 were we demonstrate with our key opinion leaders the current performance of the micro robot in the various clinical application fields. 

The main benefits of this 2nd generation of the micro-robot will be the potential for an increased user-friendliness and a higher accuracy, which can make instruments guidance more precise. In addition, radiation exposure can be decreased further procedures even in critical anatomies may be repeated reliably without affecting the performance level.

New Standards in Patient Stabilization

Precise interventions require the optimal stabilization of the patient during the procedures to achieve the high precision that is possible with the robotic assistance solutions. iFIX will be the best solution for patient stabilization during diagnostic procedures in order to reduce blurry images caused by motion artifacts. Furthermore, its hygenic solution has its full potential during interventions, in order to provide a fix reference frame for an optimal targeting outcome during interventional radiology and surgical procedures.

See at ourIFIX Product Site how iFIX is applied in clinical routine. 

IMPORTANT DATES: Interventional Systems will be present at the following trade fairs and congresses 

  • RSNA / 1-6 Dec 2019/ booth #3752/ South hall level 3, IR Zone

  • CIRSE /  ESIR Workshop 'Reliability in Percutaneous Tumour Ablation' / 12-13 Dec 2019

  • ECR / 11-15 March 2020 

For detailled event information see our event calendar.  

We truly appreciate your interest in our company and would love if you continued to follow our news.

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