We Envision The Future Of IMAGE Guided Therapy

Interventional Systems is the emerging leader in the innovation and clinical integration of Smart Robotic Solutions for image guided therapy.


Interventional Systems’ mission is to bring state-of-the-art clinical care innovations to alleviate pain and extend life through the application of SMART robotic technology, integrated into interventional and surgical products, devices and services.

In our enterprise we encourage an environment that values the creative technical contributions of all team members, excellence in execution, and quality of life balance.

This mission benefits our diverse stakeholders through our global reach.


We envision a time when all surgical interventions are done with high precision and efficiency under image-guidance.

With our unique and patented SMART robotic platform technology, Interventional-Systems wants to set a standard in minimally-invasive, micro- invasive and non-invasive interventional healthcare.

Continuous innovations and strong relationships with strategic partners will allow us to provide unique application solutions for our worldwide customers.

Our SMART robotic platform allows physicians to perform today´s image-guided interventions with consistent precision and efficiency and less risk of complications.

Together with our partners we also want to open completely new possibilities in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and pioneer the operating rooms of the future.


Dr. Michael Vogele


Michael holds an M.D. and is a serial medical-device entrepreneur and management professional with more than 20 years experience in the medical industry.

Michael was founder and CEO of Medical Intelligence, a German company pioneering patient immobilization and (robotic) positioning technology in Radiation Therapy and Neurosurgery. During his time at Medical Intelligence he developed and marketed several innovative products successfully. At the end of 2005 Medical Intelligence was acquired by Elekta AB.

As an innovator Michael has acquired more than 20 patents and contributed to more than 50 scientific publications. His focus at Interventional-Systems is R&D, business development, marketing, „transfer-thinking“ and (strategic) leadership.

Thomas Pfeifer


Thomas Pfeifer, Co-founder of iSYS Medizintechnik GmbH, is the Managing Director and CFO responsible for General Management, Supply Chain, Finance, HR, IT and Legal.

Thomas has several years of experience in finance in Pharmaceutical, Health Care and Consumer Electronics industries plus extensive experience in business administration. He combines his leadership skills, as well as soft skills for the company. He received the award for "Best Business Integration" at Dr. Reddy's in 2006 because of his consistent based on his continued level of excellence.

Thomas studied Business Administration and Consumer Health Care. He holds a degree in BA from University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg  and a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Consumer Healthcare at Charité-Universitätsmedizin, Berlin.


Prof. Dr. Reto Bale


  • Associate Professor of Radiology at the Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria
  • Head of Interventional Oncology - Microinvasive Therapy (SIP = Stereotaxy, Intervention and Planning)
  • Medical Advisor for Interventional Systems

Reto is a well known and well respected pioneer in the interventional community. During the past 20 years, Reto developed several new diagnostic and treatment methods in the field of interventional radiology and interventional oncology and established his methods as a new state-of -the art.

Graf Konstantin von Schönborn


  • Partner at Quarton International AG [former Blue Corporate Finance] since 2005.
  • Manager Corporate Development at Brokat AG.
  • Managing Director at Me Technology KFT in Budapest.
  • Financial and Strategic Advisor for Interventional-Systems

Konstantin is acting in a consultancy role providing the company with his expertise and background in the financing business and supporting via his network throughout the medical industry.


Today, many micro-invasive diagnostic and treatment methods have been clinically proven to be very efficient with superior clinical outcomes.

Side effects are often virtually eliminated and costs are substantially reduced compared to “classic” diagnostic and treatment methods.

The combination of modern imaging technology with advanced micro-robotic solutions will become a key element for all types of future minimally-invasive, micro-invasive and non-invasive interventions.

The combination of imaging and robotics allows the physician to achieve the highest accuracy, precision clinical outcomes and opens the field to utilizing entirely new diagnostic and treatment methods. All this in a very cost effective and affordable way, thereby allowing smaller healthcare facilities to offer state-of-the-art interventional care.

We believe that our technology can contribute to solving today´s socio-economic challenges and bring high precision medicine to millions of patients worldwide.

“All our products are innovative, none of them is a "me-too-product". As a small company, only with this business approach we stay attractive to our customers and create sustainable value for our stakeholders ”


  • Listen to the customer and understand their needs
  • Create new ideas, concepts, technical approaches that fulfill the customer needs
  • Discover, create and “sell” clinical business cases 
  • Create additional IP/patents around our broad core IP/patents
  • Get additional regulatory approvals to open new markets for our current products
  • Develop new products and get worldwide approval for these new products
  • Continuously expand our strategic network and continuously build strategic alliances in development, marketing and sales with a focus on long term business relationships
  • Build “application solutions” together with our partners based on their input
  • Continuously strengthen technological leadership in current markets (Radiology)
  • Explore new market segments outside radiology (Neuro, Spine, Ortho, RT/Brachy, etc.) and enter these market segments
  • Become and stay market leaders in at least one major market segment

Key to Success

Create an environment were all stakeholders benefit:

Key to success


Less risk, fewer side effects, faster recovery, better clinical outcomes.


Reduced health care costs, healthier society.


Reduced radiation exposure, less stress, simple, safe and accurate targeting.

Strategic Partners

Participation in innovative technology, increased revenue and valuation.


Higher safety standards, safer work environment, higher patient throughput, better cost-benefit ratio.



The safety of the patient and the physician is a core value for our company. Interventional Systems is certified according to ISO 13485 and FDA QMS and our team and partners are working according to quality standards in their daily routine.  A rigorous Quality Management System through the whole value chain ensures the highest quality. 


Innovation drives product development, services and internal processes at Intervnetional Systems. All our employees are highly educated and get the freedom to be creative. Only with the permanent creation of new ideas and the fast transformation of these new ideas into products we will stay attractive to our customers.


Delivering on commitments, to our customers and colleagues is the basis for a trusting and long-lasting relationships. Most of our team members have been in the medical industry for more than 10 years and have created excellent reputations and sustainable business relationships for Interventional Systems. 


Delivering solutions with innovative and reliable products for the benefit of our customers and patients. In a collaborative partnership we see it as our duty to listen to our customers and try to achieve the best products and services to achieve the best clinical outcomes. Your success is our goal.

Clinical Partners / Reference Sites

Interventional Radiology

Prof. Dr. Reto Bale,
University Hospital Innsbruck, Austria

Dr. Marco van Strijen,
St. Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein, Netherlands

Dr. Leo Pallwein-Prettner,
Ordensklinikum Linz Barmherzige Schwestern, Austria

Dr. Patrick Knüsel,
Kantonspital Graubünden, Switzerland


Dr. Stefan Wolfsberger,
AKH Wien, Austria

Prof. John Duncan,
University College Hospital, United Kingdom

Dr. Federico Giuseppe Legnani,
Instituto Neurologico Carlo Besta, Italy


The Smart Career

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We are a young and innovative medical technology company with the headquarter in Austria. With our products we have an international presence. Cooperations open up excellent prospects.

Short decision paths and flat hierarchies offer much creative freedom for a committed person. Within our motivated and experienced team, we know how to use ideas and synergies for mutual success.

We are permanently recruiting ambitious, enthusiastic and experienced talents with interest in medical technology.

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